Your Coupon Book Account Number consist of
the Association Number, hyphen and your address
Enter the digits after the hyphen.

As shown below:

Example #1: 120-58012          enter Account Number: 58012
Association Number = 120 separated by '-' follow by building-unit number 58012.

Example #2: 123-301             enter Account Number: 301
Association Number = 123 separated by '-' follow by unit number 301.

Example #3: 130-1736C        enter Account Number:1736C
Association Number = 130 separated by '-' follow by 1736 home-street alpha name C- Crystal Lake Lane

In the following screen, only enter the digits AFTER the hyphen (-).  As the above examples: 58012, 301  or 1736C.  After entering the Account Number press Continue and verify and/or select the Association Name.

NOTE: Make sure to keep a copy of your receipt after the transaction goes thru.  Payments are posted within 24 - 72 hours of the date of payment.


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