Northwest Property Management has been the contracted firm for the Millpond Condo Association for the past eight years.  The Board of Directors and the residents have been very pleased with this business relationship.


We are particularly pleased with the financial management and monthly financial reports generated by Northwest Property Management. Issues pertaining to non-payment of association dues are quickly and professionally addressed, and the Association's rate of delinquent accounts remains very low.


Northwest Property Management has actively solicited bids for numerous vendors such as snow removal, trash hauling, and landscaping.  Millpond has then been able to secure multi-year contracts locking in competitive pricing, and ongoing business relationships.



Claudia B. Curtis - President at Millpond Condo Association, Batavia, IL




Northwest Property Management and Financial has served our community with the highest degree of professionalism and experience.


Our Association Board has had great success with vastly improving the property while increasing our reserves to new highs.


Paul J. Ruiz - President at The Trees Condo Association, Woodstock, IL




Emerald Green Condo Association has been a client of Northwest Property Management (NWP) for the past 8 years, I am extremely pleased how they have handled our financials especially collections.


Their accounting department keeps us abreast from the time an account enters collection until we receive payment.  With the hard financial times in the country, I can say they pursue every past due account to maintain our cash flow without requiring special assessments.


I highly recommend Northwest Property Management to the other condo associations desiring timely administrative support, accurate monthly financials, yearly budget proposals and an excellent collection process.


Megan Paulsen - President at Emerald Green Condo Association




It is a pleasure to work for Northwest Property & Financial Management and their prestigious group of clients.  The Property management team provides us as a contractor with fair, decisive, and clearly stated direction & expectations.  When issues arise, they work with us as a team to effectively problem solve and find prompt resolutions that are focused upon responsible outcomes for the property.


They have an excellent track record of client retention and business growth through client referrals.  This stability and continuity is a great benefit to us as a contractor to work together on long-term value added relationships that aid in delivering superior communication and quality.


Sherm M. Fields - Regional Vice President at ACRES Group




Creekside has worked side by side with Northwest Property Management for over 14 years. Mainly in the areas of Landscape Maintenance, enhancements, tree work, irrigation, and snow removal. Northwest's team of management professionals are always responsive to the needs of the communities, as well as to the contractors. We would recommend Northwest Property Management as a high quality company that goes above and beyond to get the job done! We look forward to working together for many years to come.


John and Joel - Creekside Landscape




I have been serving for the last several years on the board of directors for two commercial office owners' associations that are both managed by Northwest Property & Financial Management, notably Chris Bergland and Robert Bergland.


The Berglands have brought a truly professional, diplomatic, and experience-based approach to our Associations.  Because all of the board members are volunteers, having a competent commercial property manager and firm assures consistency, availability for consultation, and "history" that transfers from year-to-year.


The service, reliability, and overall experience has been extraordinary.  They provide premium services that are thorough, innovative, and very customer friendly.


Any condo Association should consider themselves fortunate to have Chris Bergland and Robert Bergland of Northwest Property and Financial Management as their management company.


Terry R. Mohr, Esq. - Mohr & Sullivan, P.C., 1485 Commerce Drive, Algonquin, Illinois 60102




AAA Painting Contractors, Inc. and Northwest Property Management have enjoyed a 25 year working relationship. Bob Bergland was one of my original clients who has become a great business associate through the years as both of our companies have grown. Both owners see the world through similar lenses. The corporate cultures have cultivated longstanding relationships with homeowner associations and employee longevity. Companies treat their customers the same way they treat their staff. Northwest Property Management has a great team with many years of experience and a strong, solidified customer base.


Mark Youngberg – President, AAA Painting Contractors, Inc.





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